What is SEO and how do you increase sales with it?


SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization or search engine promotion, in other words.

It is the method of informing the websites in the search engines with the final purpose of ranking your website in the first pages of results.

More simply, what is seo – search engine optimization?

There are various techniques applied to websites to make them more visible to search engines and to rank them higher in the results on specific keywords.
This is always important, in combination with external backlinks (with targeted keywords) that exist on other sites and lead to yours.

Simply put, let’s take an example:

suppose you have a corporate site or e-shop that presents the services you sell e.g. bicycles.

Indicatively, a visitor to the search engines is looking for “buy a bike”, “cheap bikes”, “bikes”, “city bikes” etc.

In this case, if your site is not on the first page of the results, it is most likely that the visitor (user) of the search engine will not find it. As a result you will not even be given the opportunity to present the bikes you sell or and more specifically the offers you have at the given time.

So the user (customer) will turn to another competing company to buy it.

Consequently, let’s assume that the word “bicycles” is searched by 27,000 users per month, this automatically means that your proper search engine visibility increases the overall visibility of your business, resulting in an increased number of sales.

And this is very logical since the traditional methods of businesses promotion have a much lower impact.

More specifically:

1) Shop window
addressed only to those who have the opportunity to pass by your store

2) Brochures
high cost and most of the time have no response at all

3) Information retrieval directories
very few use them and have a high cost for a serious promotion

4) Advertising on the radio
not targeted since you do not know if future customers are listening to it, in relation to the targeted search made by the search engine visitor.
When one searches for “bicycle purchase” it is certain is that someone wants to buy a bicycle. In addition, radio advertising has a high cost.

5) Advertising on TV
very high cost

6) Internet advertising
if done correctly it can bring great results!

SOURCE: https://coolweb.gr/ti-einai-seo/