More opportunities for interaction

Websites with a large area and targeted content, ideal for businesses with increased needs and a variety of services. They consist of sub-domains or even smaller one pagers, have a responsive design, expandable in the future, call-to-action buttons and strong SEO.


  • Content scope
    Multi-page content development. The maximum number of pages of the package related to the above pricing is set at seven (7).
  • Content creation
    Content management (text and photos) according to business needs and marketing goals.
  • Mobile publishing
    Easy-to-use websites, with the ability to change images or text by a single user, via mobile phone or tablet.
  • Scalability
    Ability to expand content and functionality, with easy addition of additional sections, functions or translation languages.
  • Social media connected
    Visible positions for the social media buttons (facebook, twitter, instagram, youTube channel) that guarantee interaction and notification of the page.
    Targeted content and keyword research to optimize page rank in Google search engine.
    Websites that guarantee the protection of users’ personal data (GDPR Compliance).
    Websites eligible for NSRF programs, which have fluctuating text and audio descriptions.

reasons to choose it


Extensive content

Choose with us the content that best describes you and your business. Use targeted photos or videos and edit the accompanying texts.



Expand the content of the website and expand the navigation system, according to the needs of the business. Add translation content, domains, features, or languages ​​easily and quickly.


Easy management

Manage your website easily and safely through its admin panel. Add photos to the gallery, articles or updates and publish them instantly at the touch of a button.


Google friendly

Get the top spot on Google with the powerful SEO features of a multipage website. Pages with more content are the basis for successful digital marketing.

ideal for

Small and medium




customer reviews

  • Flawless cooperation and understanding of what I am asking for and how I can pursue it. In just a few days I had my onepage website online!

    Panagiotis K.
  • Right professionals with excellent consistency regarding delivery times. They helped me a lot in organizing the content and guided me in the structure of my website.

    Mary P.
  • Thank you very much for everything Basix team !! I got my own online store instantly and quickly. I passed my products more easily than I imagined and now I can manage them myself from my mobile. Great job again!

    Elli Κ.
  • Thank you very much for everything!! Happy with the result, pleasant and friendly atmosphere !! I was impressed with the immediate response to everything and the full understanding of what I am asking for !! Good job!!

    Constantine K.
  • Guys amazing job! Thank you for your professionalism and consistency during the project. I did not expect it to be so easy to upload products to my site.

    Dimitris S.
  • Until now, I did not think that through AdWords a site could rise so high in the Google ranking. From the first month my site comes out on the first page in the first place. I already have customers who saw our ad and visited us to serve them. Thanks again! We continue dynamically ...

    John K.

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