Frequently asked questions

What is a Domain Name & how do I get it?

Domain Name is the name we choose to give to our site and is followed by a suffix, usually [.gr] or [.com].
We usually rent the domain name for 2 years and we can not buy it once. However, we can renew it before it expires. You can get a domain name through our website.

Is the Domain Name I need available?

To check which names are free to register (rent) you should visit the official website of the names registry at and not any other website or search engine (Google, etc).

Which options do I have for hosting the website?

After purchasing the name and creating your website, you need a web hosting package. The size and cost of the hosting package is related to the content of the website and the goals you have for your website.

What is the contract's duration for the hosting packages?

The hosting packages last 12 months.

In how long will I have the website ready?

The construction time of a website depends on the content of the website and on how immediately all the material (texts & descriptions, photos, videos) we need to work will be delivered.

What do I need to do to prepare the material for my website?

In any case, the preparation for the construction of a website will be guided by us and will depend on its style and object. Through a questionnaire we will guide the categorization of information needed, such as, information about the company (profiles, ways of communication, shipping and payment methods), photographic material and video material.

How often should I update my website?

For a website to be successful it must be regularly updated with current news, promotions or products. The update will be made in consultation with us and if there is new material. In the case of eshop it is good the renewal to follow the market trend (discount periods, festive periods, etc.)

Will I be able to make changes on my website?

All the websites we deliver have a dynamic design so that you can easily and quickly change texts, images or content on the blog.

Can I transfer my website to you only for hosting?

We can undertake to host your website, but we can not guarantee its security or support it successfully if it is not designed in a modern programming environment.

How can I access my emails?

You can access your email from your mobile, tablet, desktop (or laptop) via an email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird) or even through a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox). Your corporate identity is very important and having an email with your brand name is extremely important. We undertake to cover your access to your email from many points.

How can I be number one result on Google?

Through keyword selection (SEO) and an AdWords campaign we can get your website to the top results of a Google search. Advertising should be an ongoing process that needs constant feedback.